Kids and Family Yoga



A regular fun class for moms, dads and carers whilst the wee ones crawl about in the centre.



A fun, visual class using props such as: stuffed animals, picture books, masks.  We dance, we sing, we play games and just play. 



We will go on a yoga journey to a far off place.  Sometimes we will move slow, at other times we will move really, really fast!  There will be thematic music as we create different ways of how to get to our destination.  

Teenagers 13-17.png


At this age group we will practice more challenging poses and games whilst still keeping the class fun!  We'll focus a bit more on balance and coordination, and dabble in a bit of group and partner work.  


Now we're making yoga a bit more cool.  They'll learn some challenging individual and partner poses.  Learn to trust others whilst working with a partner and in a group.  We'll dive into the world of guided meditations and visualisations.  Explore different movements with music or a song of their choice.  


Moving into a more adult style of a yoga class, beginning with meditation and breath work.  Moving through some yoga sequences to promote overall mental and physical wellbeing.  Not so serious though as it will still be an interactive class, using active partnering techniques to learn about one another, and show how although we may be very different we are still quite similar.  



A class to bring people together to feel alive and nurtured.  Is taught as a group class with a group of families or as a private family yoga class.  The class will consist of group and partner poses, yoga games, loving gestures to develop communication skills and loving connections, as well as community building.  


All needs are different and can vary, both greatly and beautifully.  Classes will range in size from 6-8 children, depending on the needs.  There will be breath work, fun props, bringing awareness to the body and the space around us.  Every class will be varied and be specially designed based on the needs.


You can expect to reach a new level of comfort with your partner, friends, or colleagues in this fun-filled, relaxed class.  The class varies from working together to counterbalance, grouping together to create animals or objects and even having a go at creating a human mandala.  It is a great way to bond over laughter and having fun.