- Yoga Styles Offered -


60-75min class

 A flowing, alignment based physical practice linking postures (asanas) with the breath.  There is a strong focus on the breath, every class beginning with a bit of breath work.  Classes usually begin seated, building up to a peak, then slowing down again, ending lying down on the mat in savasana.


60-90min class

A class consisting of passive poses, using props for support.  Each pose is held for 10-15mins.  Restorative was originally created by B.K.S Iyengar to help injured or sick people to recuperate.  He found the poses promoted deep relaxation and were a good antidote for stress.            


30-90min class

Kids and family yoga classes are run differently depending on the age group of the children.  To learn break down and time durations of the various classes, please click below.


60min class

A class taught from a trauma-informed perspective.  Every cue in class is an empowering invitation as the teacher reminds each student that they are always in control of their own practice.  There are no physical adjustments in class, only verbal instruction is used.  Students have the opportunity to create an environment in class that feels comfortable for them.

2.5-3hour workshop

An intensive, unique yoga practice combining Kundalini and Hatha yoga, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques.

60min class

An early stages, experimental concept.  A combination of breath work, poses to promote fertility and meditations for emotional and hormonal balance.