About Me and Yoga

Hello, I am Marina.  

I began practicing yoga when I was 16 years old.  I was in the height of my eating disorder, hating and being absolutely horrible to myself.  I was looking for a way to be kinder to myself when I stumbled upon yoga.  I then went to Target, bought a yoga mat for $19.99 (which I still use and practice on today), and a Rodney Yee DVD.  And so my yoga journey began.  On my mat was the only place that I was kind to myself for quite some time.  It was the only place where I did not say or think horrible things to myself, judge myself and the way I looked when I sat, stood; did anything.  I would spend an hour, being guided by Rodney, moving, breathing; caring for myself and my soul.  Eventually, I learned to love my body, well, enough to eat and not starve myself nor make myself throw up.  

Since then, the journey has been long, and I have swayed between the pendulum of self love and self hate.  However, no matter what, my mat has always been a place of freedom and acceptance for myself, of myself.  If you struggle with that pendulum, or just want to spend an hour of only thinking of focusing on your breath and how your body feels as you move through your practice, then come on over to one of my classes.  Leave your worries and the world at the door.  Get on your mat and let's flow. 

Other than yoga

Besides being trained as a yoga teacher, I have worked as a junior behavioural therapist, therapist assistant and tutor for children on the Autism Spectrum.  That journey began in July 2006, as an Applied Behavioural Analyst (ABA) tutor.  I have worked with children from as young as 18months, to 20 years old.  Working with children, and young adults, with additional needs is a passion of mine; the brain and how it works fascinates me.  I spent years working in the home with children and their families, helping them to learn how to flow and grow together.  Teaching children how to understand people, as the messages that naturally, rapidly pass and make sense of situations in our brain, it just doesn't for them.  That is the glorious thing about the brain though; its resiliency and ability to learn. 

The only reason I stopped working in behavioural therapy with children with autism is because when I moved to the UK, it didn't transfer over.  ABA was just not done.  I dream of going back to school and eventually earning my PhD in Neuroscience.  I will, when it is financially possible.  In the meantime, I try to keep up to date with what is happening in the world of psychology and neuroscience as a personal hobby.   

Training and Certifications:

200hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training - Frog Lotus Yoga, January 2016

Envision Yoga Teacher Training - Frog Lotus Yoga, February 2016

3 Day Kids Yoga Teacher Training - Rainbow Kids Yoga, July 2017

40hr Anatomy for Yoga - Karen Kirkness, May 2018 

Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training - Zabie Yamasaki, In progress